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With the amazing support from our sponsors/partners, WinSAT is able to make new developments in division projects

Following an extensive engineering design phase encompassing the work of over 50 engineering students of various disciplines, the Team has now reached prototype fabrication. Through in-kind support, the project hopes to showcase Windsor’s talented skills base in precision engineering and advanced manufacturing; highlighting our city’s many talents at the national scale.

For in-kind support, the WinSAT Space Systems Division is seeking partnerships toward:

Raw materials: Aluminum alloys (specifically: 7075, 6061, 5005, and/or 5052), fasteners, wiring, bolts/nuts, etc.

Tools: general mechanical and electrical equipment for fabrication and testing purposes.

Fabrication services: hard anodizing (Rockwell C 65-70), high-precision CNC, milling, sandblasting, laser engraving, etc.

Electronics: Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), components and modules, PC/104 format, (preferably rated for the space environment)

Testing services/facilities: Clean Room Fabrication, environment thermal vacuum, radiation, vibration, ADCS test beds, Helmholtz coil platform, etc.

WinSAT is also searching for key individuals possessing knowledge, expertise, and local resources to serve as Industry Advisors to the satellite’s development. Time demand is expected to be minimal, with most correspondence being conducted via e-mail. Industry Advisors are further invited to all Team meetings to lend strategic support to the fabrication and testing of the CubeSat.

Similarly, an opportunity exists for companies interested in supplying a Secondary Payload to the satellite. If your organization can benefit from research & development in a lower-earth-orbit (LEO) space environment, please submit a detailed request using the contact information below.

Examples include:

• The testing of material properties or component functionality through transport and orbit

• The employment of data collected through the primary mission for core research or services

• The acquisition of useful data through the incorporation of additional, secondary sensors

This prospect is available to all industries and research organizations, and WinSAT requires a detailed description of how this secondary mission would improve the goals of your organization by augmenting its research, service, or product with a specific a dataset, sensor, or payload.

The Team is also in need of in-kind donations for local outreach and education, as we are planning many events to showcase our work at local libraries, community centres, and elementary schools:

Presentation materials: banners, print materials, and Team t-shirts

Donations of cash are also greatly appreciated because they allow WinSAT to hold flexible dollars for dynamic purchases throughout fabrication and testing, and gaps in in-kind support

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