Leading University of Windsor and the Windsor/Essex region into the future of Space and Aeronautics Engineering.


Our Mission

The University of Windsor Space & Aeronautics Team (abbreviated “WinSAT”) was founded in 2016 as a means of providing a supportive structure of collaboration and common support to students interested in aeronautics and space engineering.

Comprised of distinct Divisions focusing on Rocketry and Space Systems, the Team brings together the multidisciplinary skills of engineering students to tackle complex systems engineering challenges for unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. As a conduit for subsequent effectiveness in industry upon graduation, WinSAT delivers additional skills-development in project management and teamwork, encouraging students to apply their course-learning in a practical and competitive engineering environment.

WinSAT is currently made up of over 50 undergraduate and graduate students, including those with significant workplace and field experience to several with only a peripheral interest in engineering as it relates to space and aeronautics. This diversity of knowledge and environment of inclusion strives to inspires tomorrow’s leaders and develop the interdisciplinary skills necessary for success.

What We've Achieved

Space Systems

  • Received $10,000 in funding (and $10k to match) for Phase 1 and 2 of CubeSat development up to CDR

  • Presented WinSAT Space Systems Earth Observation Project, CryoRoute, at the ESA Atlantic from Space Conference in Southampton, UK

  • Attended the ESA North American Cryosat-2 Conference in Banff, Alberta


  • Won 3rd place overall in Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) 2017, 10k ft. apogee, COTS

  • Won 7th place overall in IREC 2018, 10k ft. apogee, COTS

  • Podium Presentation of Flight-Dynamics Model at IREC 2017

  • Currently finished build for IREC 2019, 30k ft. apogee, COTS